DSA 2015 Asheville
has been canceled!

This Site Belongs to
Debbie & Lawson McNally
and is

Lawson McNally asked me on December 15, 2012 to purchase this domain name, DSA2015Asheville.org for the project he and his wife was working on. He was also informed that this name would have to be purchased for three years instead of four years if we wait until around February. He agreed. Along with graphic services demanded of me, from October 2012 through August 2013 his total bill has not been paid as of
Because Debbie and Lawson did not live up to their obligations concerning
their unpaid invoice, I do have the right to publish on this website
as I see fit!!!

You may contact Debbie and Lawson here lawdeb@aol.com

Debbie and Lawson McNally >> You know how to get rid of this!!